Before, During, and After Acupuncture Treatment

Our regular treatment procedures are as follows: Treatment takes about 1 hour. To achieve the best results for our patients, we not only give a standard acupuncture treatment just with needles, but we also give Ping’s Meridian Massage; Dr. Lu created this unique technique for children before acupuncture. While acupuncture focuses on deep, specific acupuncture points, Ping’s Meridian Massage helps reach a much wider surface area, promoting blood and energy to flow freely. When both techniques work together, the results are more effective than a single one. For pain management, acupuncture with electrical stimulation is more effective than needles only. Precautions are as following:


Before treatment

  1. It would be okay to have a light meal but not overeat, or you may feel uncomfortable lying face down during the massage. Avoid acupuncture on an empty stomach. Being hungry could make the body weak and more sensitive. We suggest eating some snacks before treatment.

  2. Working out is fine before treatment. The meridian massage and acupuncture will help relax the mind and body after exercising.


During treatment

  1. For the best results of distress, please turn off your cell phone. It would help if you relaxed, stay peaceful and quiet during treatment. To settle the body and mind, try to remain still; being nervous could cause the body to tense up and be more sensitive to the needles while being inserted. If you move, some of the needles may fall out. 

  2. Acupuncture is more sensitive to the pain area, joints, tendons, and muscles than the soft tissue. In some cases, we do acupuncture with electrical stimulation, which sends vibrations to the muscle. Most people love the sensation and want to feel as much as they can handle while still feeling comfortable. Usually, the body gets used to the feeling after about 5 minutes, and the vibration feels not quite as strong as initially, but the electric current doesn’t change. If some people dislike the pulse, we could adjust the beat to keep the same electric current without feeling strong or even have acupuncture using manual stimulation.

  3. Suction cups with heat cause a vacuum and pulling solid sensation initially, but the feeling will lessen over time. This procedure only takes 10 to 15 minutes. Remember, cupping will leave marks for a few days.

  4. For some people, it is normal to feel congested or have a running nose while lying face down. After the treatment, this will stop after turning face up.  


After treatment

  1. Acupuncture occasionally causes minor bleeding after taking a needle, but applying pressure will stop and won’t cause any problems.

  2. It would help if you took your time getting up slowly from the treatment table so that you won’t feel dizzy from lying face for so long. It is helpful to turn face up for about 5 minutes after treatment. Then stand up slowly to avoid blood pressure imbalance, occasionally resulting in dizziness.

  3. Since the treatment works on circulation, energy flow, and detoxification, you should drink plenty of water to flush toxins and acidic wastes out of your system afterward. We suggest drinking apple cider vinegar water, mix one tablespoon of unfiltered apple cider vinegar with one cup of water, and drink it 2 or 3 times that day. 

  4. The same day after treatment, avoid heavy physical activities, cardio exercises, hot yoga, and swimming. You can do these activities before treatment or wait until the next day. Walking 30 minutes or doing light stretching to help relieve pain and stress is acceptable.

  5. Very few people will feel a little weak in rare situations, or the symptoms may worsen before getting better. The treatment speeds up detoxification, increases circulation, and rebalances energy flow so that you may feel a little different from before, but it won’t worsen the health issue. Take it easy, relax and drink plenty of fluids, and you should feel better in a day or two.

  6. If you take herbs, please take them at least 2 hours apart from your medications and other supplements.  

For more information please call Dr. Lu at (661) 513- 9265 in Ping’s Acupuncture & Herb Center

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