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Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) deficiency

Vitamin B2 supports a wide-spectrum of health benefits, best known for its crucial roles in thyroid function and energy metabolism, it's also essential for healthy vision and tissue repair. For example, vitamin B2 helps break down the calories from proteins, fats and carbohydrates that you intake to supply the body energy. Vitamin B2 also helps produce new red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout your body, improves the lining of the digestive tract, mucous membrane & blood vessel wall. It also maintains healthy hair & skin and supports brain neurotransmitters that carry messages.

Eating foods enriched with vitamin B2, such as cereals, whole grains, mushrooms, almonds, red meats or green leafy vegetables can help supply vitamin B2 to your body. It is a water-soluble vitamin that is flushed out daily with the urine. Since it cannot be stored in your body and must be constantly replenished, there is a chance you could suffer from vitamin B2 deficiency if you do not eat the right types of foods or take vitamin B2 supplements.

Some signs of vitamin B2 deficiency: cold sores, sore tongue and lips, chapped lips, infection in the mouth and throat, very sensitive to light, irritation in the eyes, bloodshot eyes, acne, dry skin, rashes, hives, hair loss, allergic sinusitis, yeast infection, urine infection, mucosal inflammation, indigestion, ulcers, polyps, hemorrhoids, low energy, frequent dizzy spells, slow mental responses, mood swings, insomnia, night terrors, infertility, etc.

Case1: Female age 60, she had allergies to dog hair and had severe hives for about 6 months. After taking vitamin B2 50 mg every day, she has not had a single hive attack episode.

Case 2: Male age 60, suffered from allergic sinusitis for over 5 years, he was very sensitive to the cold air and dust which caused his sneezing and running nose. After 1 week of taking vitamin B2 50 mg a day, he is symptom free.

Case3: Female age 59, she had insomnia and night terrors for about 1 year. She now gets a good night sleep after 5 days of taking vitamin B2 50 mg daily.

Case 4: Female age 30, suffered from multiple canker sores for 3 years, it happened almost every month before her menstrual period. Since she started taking vitamin B2 50 mg daily, she has not had a sore in her mouth or on her tongue.

Case 5: Male age 76, upper GI endoscopy exam showed he had multiple ulcers in his esophagus and stomach. He has had acid reflex problems for over 5 years. After taking 100 mg daily for 3 months, his rechecked endoscopy showed smooth mucosa and no ulcer on his esophagus or stomach.

Case 6: Male age 56, over 5 years lymphoma survivor, he was really bothered by hives and eczema for 2 years. After taking Vitamin B2 100 mg every day for 2 weeks, he no longer suffers with skin issues.

We can list many other success cases with different illness that have gotten benefits from vitamin B2 which deserves the name the miracle vitamin.

Suggest dosage: If you have any of the above symptoms, try taking vitamin B2 100mg daily.

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