About Ping’s Acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine work on your underlying energy and boost your own healing power to help yourself. Chinese medicine believes that the human body has so many channels of chi or energy which we call meridians. If your blood and energy flows freely in theses meridians, you’ll have no pain and no health issues. Otherwise if you have blockage in these meridians, you will have some health problems.


The acupuncture chart shows that the black lines are meridians, the yellow lines are nerves, the red lines are blood vessels. So you can tell the most meridians/channels go along with nerves and blood vessels.  Your blood and energy flow in the meridians just like cars running on the freeways. If there is no traffic jam, everyone is flowing without a problem. On the other hand, if there is an accident, we have to clean it up to help cars moving smoothly. This is the same reason, if your blood and energy is stuck in your system, it results in pain or other health issues. Acupuncture would work as a traffic controller that insert needles into certain points to clean the body’s traffic jam, making blood and energy flow freely in your system. No jam no pain.

There are over hundreds of points, how we reach more points to get better result? Therefore we have a set of standard of procedures (SOP) as follows:

The first step, we do Ping’s meridian massage on bladder channels from head to feet on the back, which warm up energy channels, make blood and energy like rivers flowing and reach each corner of the body, relax muscles and prepare body and mental for acupuncture. Ping’s meridian massage was created by Dr.Lu, it was originally designed for children with ADD/ ADHD to help them stay in calm during acupuncture. The second step, we insert very fine needles in specific and deeper points to reduce stress, improve circulation, relieve the pain, rebalance hormones, boost body healing power, active underlying energy and improve general health. Both techniques complement one another and work more effectively than a single one.

For pain management, our clinical experience shows that acupuncture with electronic stimulation are much more effective than just needles. Only after 1 or 2 treatments, patients feel pain relief from 50% better to pain free.

To help you understand how acupuncture works we will show the whole picture of acupuncture points.


Back points

I named the bladder channels as the human 405 freeway from feet all away up to the head. The acupuncture chart shows that acupuncture points, nerves and blood vessels overlap together. They work as a team, external to relax muscles, improve circulation and relieve pain;  internal to replenish energy, flash water, clean toxins, reduce inflammation, rebalance hormones, boost immunity and improve general health.

For example, points on the neck, shoulders and upper back relieve the local pain and help stress, headache, sleep, heart, lungs and thyroid as well. Points on the middle and lower back alleviate back pain, sciatica and foot pain, meanwhile they are good for liver detox, spleen refresh blood and work on stomach, intestines, colon and pancreas to help digestion. The back points also benefit the bladder, uterus, ovarian, prostate, kidneys and adrenal systems to rebalance hormones and active underlying energy.

Front points

The points on the top of head (百会, 四神聪)work as a governor to direct the underlying energy flowing like waterfalls through the body. Good for general health, stress, sleep and headaches. 

The points on the face (太阳,印堂,攒竹,迎香,地仓,听宫,下关,颊车) are good for headaches, sinusitis, nasal congestion, allergy, TMJ, facial pain, Bell’s palsy, facial complexion.

The points of the tummy (三脘、水分、气海、关元,天枢、大横,水道,归来)promote core energy flow like rivers to reach each corner of the body and strong the core muscle to support lower back. Good for wellbeing, abdominal issue, male and female health, hormones, digestion, urinary system and lower back.

The points (血海)on the inner knee, the name means blood ocean. Good for nourish blood, improve circulation, benefit general health and relieve knee pain. Especially help hemorrhagic diseases.

The points (足三里)below the outer knee, health care point. Good for boost immunity, active healing power, enhance health, help abdominal issues and digestion problems.

The points (三阴交)above the inner ankle, three human freeways crossing on one point. If keeping no traffic jams here, the energy and blood can flow freely from the bottom to the top of the body. Good for general heath, hormone, menopause, insomnia, kidney, liver and spleen.

The points (曲池,小海,少海,合谷,内外关, 阳溪,阳谷)on the arm and hand. Good for heart, lung, stress, sleep, headaches, arm pain, elbow injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Four points distributed in the hands and feet (开四关)as 4 gates of the body.  Keep the 4 gates open to let good energy in and bad energy out freely as the same as leave doors and windows open to get fresh air in our room.  Good for headaches, stress, depression, anxiety, sleep and general health.

The points on the front are more sensitive than on the back that is why we usually start acupuncture on the back at first time. Especially for the back pain or sciatica, acupuncture on the back or side more often than the front. But also depending case by case.

We use disposable sterile needles, so it is very safe.


Glass ball cupping: 1) Put fire in and out of the glass ball quickly and make a vacuum in there. 2) Suck the vacuumed ball on skin to pull blood circulation from deep tissue to top surface, 3) Cupping will leave “pepperoni marks” on the skin for a few days. 4) The first trial of cupping therapy is free of charge. After the first trial, there is a charge for cupping. Good for pain, allergy, asthma, cold/flu and congestion. 


During meridian massage and acupuncture, you may read 2 words in silence “touching healing” or “healing touch” to make the treatment more effective. You may also do your own meditation or simply relax and fall asleep.


After treatment

Drink plenty water to flush toxins out. Do not do heavy exercise and hot yoga until the next day. But you could walk 30-40 minutes after treatment.