"Ping" is a Chinese word that means balance, health, tranquility, harmony and peace.  In hopes of bringing "Ping" to all people, Dr. Liyan Lu and her husband, Mr. Gan, founded Ping’s Acupuncture & Herb Center in 2000 in the city of Santa Clarita, California. For decades, Dr. Lu and her staff have thrived on bringing balance, peace and health to all their patients. As a 2010 New Year's resolution, Dr. Lu has decided to post her formulas, techniques, and findings for free on www.heathyping.com in order to bring "Ping" to all who seeks a healthier lifestyle.



Dr. Liyan Lu is a California licensed acupuncturist and certified massage therapist. Since 2000, she has been practicing acupuncture, Ping’s meridian therapy (her own developed techniques), nutrition, and herbal medicine at Ping's Acupuncture & Herb Center in the Santa Clarita Valley. Dr. Lu was a pediatrician at Beijing Children's Hospital and a faculty member of the Capital Medical University in Beijing, China, for 11 years. Dr. Lu employed both conventional Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine in her pediatric clinical practice. She also worked as a medical researcher for 12 years in physiology and cardiology departments at UCLA and Specialty Lab Inc.

Besides being a skilled practitioner of Western medicine, Dr. Lu is an expert in natural, holistic healing and illness prevention. By fusing her 40+ years of clinical experience and expertise from both western and eastern medical worlds, Dr. Lu has successfully treated and healed thousands of patients.



Chinese proverb:  Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life.

It is our mission to improve people’s lives by teaching preventive care. We wish to share our knowledge of health preservation and nourishment to help everyone achieve a healthy and happy life. To fulfill our mission, Dr. Lu will periodically post her clinical experience, nutrition recipes and herbal formulas on this website. In the future , we hope to create a forum for people who wish to share their knowledge and wisdom on healthcare.


In time, we hope to build an extensive knowledge base of preventive care techniques, formulas, and treatments for everyone to access—a healthy and happy life is only one "Ping" away.


Dr. Liyan Lu specializes in pain management, stress and mental illnesses, rehabilitation, nutrition balance, detoxification, hormone rebalance, fertility, pediatric ailments, and Ping’s meridian therapy which was created by Dr.Lu, it was originally designed for children with ADD/ ADHD to help them stay in calm during acupuncture.

To achieve the best result for our patients, we provide Ping’s meridian massage before each acupuncture treatment.  While acupuncture focuses on deep, specific acupuncture points, the unique massage reaches a much wider surface area, allowing blood and energy to flow like a river. When both techniques are used together, the results are more effective than a single one.


Our facility is clean, neat and comfortable. Our staff members are friendly, professional and caring. Most of our patients are referrals from word-of-mouth, yelp reviews and other doctors.