Reduce inflammation and Improve enlarged prostate

Cactus 4 oz

Celery 4 oz

Apple 4 oz

Pineapple 4 oz

Grapes seed oil 1 tablespoon

Add 2 cups of water and blend well with Vitamix (a powerful blender), the smoothie is now ready to drink.

This drink will help reduce inflammation in the prostate, urethra, bladder and joints, strengthen the immunity, promote antioxidants’ benefit and detoxify. Also helps with anti-aging, reduces cholesterol level, stabilizes blood sugar and easy constipation.

Drink 8 oz of the smoothie on an empty stomach in the morning, divide the remaining and then drink 1 hour before each meal throughout the day. It is not necessary to refrigerate the smoothie; however it will taste fresher, if you do. To avoid bloating or to keep a healthy weight, the drink can be diluted with water and then drink as a grazing food throughout the day. Diluting the drink makes digestion easier and blood sugar more stabilized.

You also can blend 4 oz of tomato and 4 oz potato in this drink.

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