The Natural Healing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) – Part 2

Raw apple cider vinegar is a natural healing tonic which contains nutrients, enzymes, and organic acids. It kills germs and nourishes the body. Since 400 BC, raw ACV has been used for natural cleansing, healing and energizing.

ACV tonic

Add one tablespoon of ACV in a glass of water and drink it before each meal.

ACV’s benefits:


Researchers from Mizkan, a Japanese food manufacturer, reported recently that taking 3 teaspoons of vinegar or more daily can significantly lower cholesterol levels in the blood. They found that acetic acid, a major ingredient in vinegar, is responsible for the effect.


At the first sign of a cold, by taking ACV tonic several times a day helps the body to fight colds. It also speeds up recovering from a cold by taking vitamin C 500mg or Emergen-C once or twice a day.


As we age, a low fiber diet and the reduction of digestive acids and enzymes can lead to constipation. Taking ACV as a home remedy and eating more fruits and vegetables can combat constipation.


Taking ACV daily tonic prevents the recurrence of cramps, because it contains rich minerals and vitamins which relieve muscle cramps.


Apply pure apple cider vinegar to the scalp and work it into the roots of the hair; allow the vinegar to stand for a half hour or a full hour before washing your hair. This will help destroy the bacteria and fungus that cause dandruff and itchy scalp.


New research shows that ACV can help lower blood sugar levels. This home remedy supplies the beneficial ingredients to control blood glucose levels and also has acids and enzymes to promote better digestion and nutrient absorption. Many diabetes sufferers feel the benefits from ACV.


Pectin is the water soluble fiber in ACV. It helps to absorb water in the intestines and form bulk stools. Intestinal bacteria transform pectin into a protective coating to soothe the irritated lining and eliminate diarrhea.


As we age, people produce commonly less stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) causing digestive problems. Taking ACV tonic as a home remedy before a meal will enhance the stomach acid and digestive enzymes.

Source: most of the above information is abstracted from and Bragg Vinegar. For more information please call Dr. Lu at (661) 513-9265 , Ping’s Acupuncture

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