Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Pain Relief

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome has numerous causes. The most common reason is from working long hours on a repetitive job for example typing, grabbing, and cutting. The symtoms characterize hand numbness, pain and weakness. Fortunately, for most people with this problem, proper treatment usually can relieve the symptoms and restore normal function of their wrists and hands.

Healthyping’s suggestions

To relieve pain, promote healing, and avoid new injury, the following nonsurgical methods can help carpal tunnel. Many of our patients have had great results.

Cold and Heat which one works best for Carpal tunnel syndrome?

For acute hand pain, start only with cold as soon as possible for the first 3 days by applying ice or a cold pack to the hand (10 to 15 minutes every hour). Cold helps limit acute inflammation, reduces swelling and relieves pain.

For chronic hand pain, apply heat 20 minutes at a time to increase circulation and speed healing. Moist heat (hot packs, bathes and showers) works better than dry heat. Our clinical experience shows Paraffin Spa is very helpful.

Some people find comfort in alternating between heat (30 min) and ice packs (5-10min).

Chinese herbal bag (2 in 1) has both cold and heat functions in one bag. This is a unique herbal bag with multi-healing functions. Use the herbal bag cold to help limit swelling and reduce pain and use the herbal bag heated to increase blood circulation and speed healing.

Chuan Qiong bags: help ease the hand pain or numbness. Our clinic experience show that some patients stop taking their pain medicine after using this herbal bag. Place the Chuan Qiong bag on the wrist, hold in place until the pain is gone.

Hand relaxation

Relax Hand: to avoid injuries from repetitive flexing and extending of the tendons in the carpal tunnel for prolonged periods, it is necessary to have short breaks and to relax your hands and wrists.

Shake hands: This hand exercise can effectively relax the tendons, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, ease pain and numbness and increase the grip strength in the hands and wrists. Shake or wave hands with up & down movements with a gentle pace and low impact. You should do this 10 to 20 seconds every 15 minutes when you use your hands with repetitive flexing and extending motion.

Chinese medicine

Acupuncture relaxes muscles, tendons and joints; improves circulation, reduces the inflammation and relieves the pain.

Pings meridian Massage is Dr.Lu’s own techniques to clean up the body’s traffic jam and make Qi flow as a river flows. It is an excellent hands-on therapy to help loosen overworked, sore and tense tendons; promote healing and help relieve symptoms. Acupuncture focuses on deep, specific acupuncture points and the massage reaches a much wider surface area, therefore, if both techniques are used together, the results are more effective. Most of our patients with carpal tunnel have a positive response from treatment.

Chinese Herbs: help maintain acupuncture results, improve circulation, reduce inflammation and subside pain, such as Sheng Tong Zhu Yu Wan, Jing Gu Die Da Wan, Du huo Ji Sheng wan, Zhuang Gu Guan Jie wan and Tian Qi Du Zhong wan, etc. Consult your acupuncturist to find out which one is best for you.


Calcium is a natural pain killer, muscle relaxer, and sub-anti-inflammatory. Our clinical experience has shown that Calcium helps relieve body aches, muscle spasm and menstrual cramps. Menopausal women especially need calcium supplements to prevent osteoporosis. It also benefits arthritis patients that have carpal tunnel syndrome. Take Calcium 500-600mg with Vitamin-D 400IU twice a day, best taken with food.

MicroLactin is milk nutrients which contain unique antibodies and other potent immune factors to promote healthier joints, tendons and muscles. Our clinical experience showed that MicroLactin improves chronic inflammation, pain and stiffness; it works fast and you will feel the benefits within 1- 2 weeks.  According to Alotin HA report, in head to head testing Micrilactin scored 60% better than glucosamine as to improve joint health.

Vitamin B-6 & B-12 is essential for nerve function to help relieve symptoms.

Vitamin-C is a potent antioxidant to aid in reducing swelling. Take 500 mg a day.

If pain, numbness or weakness persists longer than 2 weeks you need to see your doctor.

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